Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Event report: Winterval Quiz & Social 2011

Time: 2 December 2011, 18:00-2200
Place: The Old Refectory, Wilkins Building, University College London

As the second academic term is commencing (and I've finally submitted my 10 000 words of coursework), it's time for a recap of our last two main events of the first term.

Joining forces for the first time with Central London Humanist Group (CLHG) and London Skeptics in the Pub (SitP), UCLU ASHS co-organised Winterval 2011, a fun night of quiz rounds, snacks and socialising to collect money for the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust, a charity organisation working towards offering liberal, humanist education to children in need.

Maneuvering the show was comedian and writer Helen Keen, winner of the first Channel 4 New Comedy Writing Initiative Award. The event attracted around roughly 100 attendees, immersing themselves in questions on atheism, science, skepticism, and humanism; as well as general topics including music, history, geography and film.

7 rounds of questions - with bonus rounds in between - and several drinks later, the victory went to the team 'The Skeptics in the Pub', with 'The British Homeopathic Association', 'Nation of Quizlam', and 'Quizlamic Extremists as close runners-up.

With the combined sales from snacks and drinks throughout the night, donations at the entrance, and a generous contribution from an anonymous donator, we ended up sending off £2437.20 to the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust! This big accomplishment could not have been attained without the hard work of the co-organisers, Alice Fuller and Alex Gilbert, and Helen for running the event so smoothly; nor without all who decided to come for the night. Special thanks to those who volunteered to help out collecting donations and cleaning up afterwards. We hope you enjoyed the night and look forwards to similar events in the future!

 The quiz winners: The London Skeptics in the Pub

Happy London atheists 

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