Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Announcement - Safe Sex Freebies from the ASHS

We've been wanting to give out freebies which convey the message of the society and have an actual use, so we came up with the idea of atheist condoms (if JLS can pull it off, why can't we?) We couldn't decide on a slogan so left it to members of our facebook group to suggest and vote for the final design. They've arrived in time for Welcome Week so we're unveiling them now, come grab one at the Welcome Fair or at one of our weekly pub socials. We hope you like them!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Get ready for Welcome Week!

Hopefully you've had an amazing summer, and as the beginning of term looms, we've been gearing up for another year of events, socials and general secular fun.

The first pub social of the year is essential attending; this year taking the form of a pub crawl meeting at the Bentham and going on to some other favourite drinking establishments. Socials will continue as usual at the Bentham every Tuesday.

Revisit one of the best with a showing of the Life of Brian at the Grant Museum, which includes a tour and free wine!

Also find us at the Welcome Fair to grab some interesting freebies.
Check out the event pages for more information, and don't forget to join our facebook group and Twitter page for updates on events as well as secular news and opinions.
Here's to a new year of godlessness!